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Our Services: Tailored to Tell Your Tale

At Turner Book Writers, we don't just promote books; we curate journeys. Whether it's the spellbinding allure of fiction, the impactful truths of non-fiction, or the innovative landscapes of eBooks, we're by your side. Through every twist and turn, from drafting to global acclaim, we champion your story.

Why Choose Turner Book Writers?

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  • Personalized Marketing Plans

    Every book is unique, and so is our approach. We tailor strategies that fit your story's spirit, ensuring your voice is distinctly heard.

  • Multi-Channel Promotions

    From podcasts to print, your story deserves to be everywhere. We make that happen, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Professional Team

    A blend of literary love and marketing mastery. Our team combines these worlds, ensuring your tale's essence shines brilliantly.

  • SEO & Digital Marketing Expertise

    In the digital age, your book needs to shine online. We harness the power of digital tools, propelling your work into the limelight.

  • Author Branding

    You’re not just an author; you’re a brand. We amplify your voice, ensuring readers remember your name and eagerly await your next masterpiece.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Track your book’s journey. Stay informed with real-time insights, understanding how your story engages and captivates audiences.

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Crafted Successes: Our Portfolio

Dive into our gallery of victories. Witness tales we’ve transformed from mere pages to phenomenal successes.

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Our Fiction Book Marketing Process

The journey from a manuscript to a market sensation is intricate. Here's how we bring it to life:


Understanding Your Story

Every tale begins with its core. We dive deep, understanding your book's heart and soul, ensuring we capture its unique essence for the world.


Crafting the Strategy

Blending literary essence with marketing brilliance, we mold a strategy that resonates, making sure it aligns perfectly with your vision.


Executing the Plan

With precision and passion, we set the wheels in motion, ensuring every step takes your story closer to its rightful audience.


Monitoring & Feedback

In real-time, track how your story unfolds in the market. Stay connected, receiving insights that help refine and elevate your literary journey.

Have Questions?
Let us answer them!

What sets Turner Book Writers apart?

Our unique blend of literary passion and marketing expertise ensures that both your book and your author brand get the spotlight they deserve.

How do you decide the marketing plan for a book?

Every book holds a unique essence. We evaluate the genre, audience, and author's vision, crafting a personalized strategy that resonates.

Do you offer services for all book types?

Absolutely! Whether it's the enchanting world of fiction, insightful non-fiction, or the future-forward eBooks, we've got specialized services for all.

Can I track the performance of my book's campaign?

Yes, our performance monitoring service ensures you’re always in the loop. Witness real-time insights and see how your story captivates the world.

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