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At Turner Book Writers, we comprehend the gravity and resonance of non-fiction. With truths to tell and lessons to share, we ensure your non-fiction work gets the recognition it warrants, resonating deeply with the curious and the knowledge-seekers.

Why Our Non-Fiction Marketing Services Stands Out?

  • Data-Driven Strategies

    Non-fiction thrives on accuracy. Our plans are backed by meticulous research, ensuring your content reaches its ideal readers.

  • Media Outreach

    Your work deserves a global platform. We foster connections, from talk shows to leading magazines, amplifying your voice.

  • Expert Collaborations

    Our collaborations with industry thought-leaders uplift the authenticity and reach of your content.

  • Trend Analysis

    In the ever-evolving world of non-fiction, we stay ahead, aligning your work with current discussions and debates.

  • Author Workshops

    We empower you with the tools and training to confidently promote your work and engage with your audience.

  • Performance & Impact Monitoring

    See the difference. Witness the widening reach of your work, understanding its impact on society and discourse.

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Our Non-Fiction Portfolio

Discover our tapestry of non-fiction triumphs. Experience the myriad truths and narratives we've successfully spotlighted on the global stage.

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Our Non-Fiction Marketing Process

Every fact holds power, and every non-fiction piece, potential. Here’s our tailored journey to ensure your truths reverberate:


Deep Dive Research

We initiate by immersing ourselves in your work, understanding its depth, nuances, and potential impacts.


Strategic Blueprinting

Every non-fiction piece has a story. We chart out a precise, data-backed roadmap for your content's success.


Amplified Execution

With curated media lists and targeted promotion, we ensure your truths resonate with the right audience segments.


Feedback & Refinement

Stay updated with our continuous monitoring, as we tweak strategies for optimum results, ensuring your non-fiction's legacy grows.

Have Questions?
Let us answer them!

How does non-fiction marketing differ from fiction?

Non-fiction marketing focuses on amplifying truths, insights, and expertise. It's not just about the story but also about its real-world relevance and impact.

What if my non-fiction work touches on controversial topics?

We excel in handling sensitive subjects with grace, ensuring your work is presented authentically while being mindful of diverse perspectives.

How do you ensure my non-fiction reaches the right audience?

Our data-driven strategies and deep industry networks ensure your work is presented to audiences that value and seek such content.

Can I collaborate on the marketing strategy for my work?

Absolutely! We believe in co-creation and always value the insights and wishes of the author.

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