Turner’s Book Distribution Services

Picture your book as a masterpiece displayed on the digital shelves of well-known online bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Amazon. Turner Book Writers provides a full book distribution solution to make these goals a reality. We're going to build the connection between your manuscript and a receptive readership around the world. Put limitations aside. We distribute your book not only online but also to independent bookshops, libraries and colleges across the globe. You don't need to worry about how readers can find your writing because Turner's global book distribution services get the most exposure.

$17,125,443 raised for local book stores.

Go Global With Turner’s Book Distribution Services

We make sure your book doesn't only place on a local shelf. Reach a global audience of enthusiastic readers with Turner's book distribution globally services. We create the connection between your book and a sizable global readership. Imagine having your book available not only in libraries and bookstores all over the world, but also on the virtual shelves of major online merchants such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Reaching a worldwide audience has never been easier but Turner's got your back. Reach your full potential and make your creative aspirations come true.

Book Distribution Service

How We Change the Game

  • Widest worldwide distribution network

    Reaching a global audience through major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and several more. We take pride in having the largest book distribution globally network in the industry. Your book can be found not only online, but also in libraries, and independent bookshops around the world. There are no entry barriers with Turner, readers all around the world could come upon your work.

  • One-click distribution to all stores

    The days of sifting through an endless number of submissions from different stores are over. Our one-click distribution technology makes it simple to reach a large audience. Just choose the platforms you want and upload your book files, the rest will be taken care of. Spend less time worrying and concentrate on your passion of writing amazing stories.

  • Built-in analytics and sales reports

    Turner provides you with access to robust, integrated analytics and sales insights because data truly is power. Monitor the performance of your book in real time, find out where readers are coming from and spot trends that can help guide your next marketing campaigns. Make data-driven choices to easily maximize your reach.

  • Royalty management

    We know how important it is to be fairly compensated for all of your hard work. We provide open royalties management as a result. There are no unexpected deductions or hidden costs, you keep all of your royalties. We take care of the complex computations so you can focus on the satisfaction of watching your book receive recognition.

  • Marketing and promotional tools

    After book distribution, we don't stop. Turner gives you access to a variety of marketing and promotional resources aimed at increasing the awareness of your book. Pre-written press releases, social media templates and targeted advertising alternatives can help you engage with readers and generate excitement.

  • Easy management of a large inventory of books

    Keeping an extensive book collection can be a challenging task. You have access to a central position for simple management of your whole book collection with our user-friendly platform. You can easily update pricing, monitor sales data and modify distribution networks from one central spot with our book distribution services.

Stop Waiting, Start Selling With Turner’s Book Distribution Globally

Turner's book distribution services let you stop waiting and start selling right away. Are you ready to begin? Join the Turner family of skilled writers by clicking here to find out more.

Book Distribution Services At Your Fingertips
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    Print Book Distribution

    Picture your book, expertly bound and printed, gracing the shelves of bookshops all across the world. Turner's wide-ranging network links you to independent stores all over the world as well as major merchants like Barnes & Noble. Our print book distribution takes care of the fulfillment, warehousing and printing so your book is always available for purchase. Whether your reader prefers a portable paperback or a classic hardcover, we handle everything, freeing you up to focus on writing the next big hit.

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    eBook Distribution

    A large internet audience has been accessible thanks to the digital era. Your book can be downloadable on all major platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play all thanks to Turner's ebook distribution services. We take care of the conversion and formatting, making sure your ebook is perfectly suited for every platform and reaches millions of people who value the ease of reading on a computer.

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    Audiobook Distribution

    Turner book writers are here to assist you in taking advantage of the growing audiobook market. Take your story to the next level with our simple audiobook distribution. We link your book to well-known stores like Audible and iTunes so that listeners can easily find the book while they're on the go. We also provide professional advice at every stage of the audiobook production process, so your story is given an unique voice and tone.

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    Digital Book Distribution

    Turner provides digital book distribution in a variety of forms, along with ebooks. We can ensure that your book reaches students and lifelong learners worldwide by making it accessible through libraries and educational institutions through platforms like OverDrive and Baker & Taylor. We can help you make use of our knowledge in digital distribution to enter the expanding online subscription services market.

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Beyond Borders And Barriers- Distribute Your Book with Turner

Don't let borders limit your story. Turner Book Writers is a modern book distribution globally service that takes your writing to a new level and breaks through the barriers of traditional publication. Forget the days of wondering if your book would ever reach readers outside of your local bookstore. We let your fascinating words cross borders and shake the imaginations of readers on other countries.

Imagine your book on the shelves of major online stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, not just in your native country, but around the world. Imagine it snugly tucked away in academic libraries and universities, inspiring students from all walks of life to admire your work. Turner's reach includes quaint independent bookshops located in tiny European communities, so there's a chance readers looking for a great read can come upon your book.

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Turner’s Book Distribution Process

Acquisition and Inventory Management

Starting is simple! Your book purchasing process can proceed more smoothly thanks to our user-friendly platform. Then, we effectively manage your inventory to make sure that your book is constantly available to fulfill orders.

Order Processing

Our automatic system takes control when a reader submits an order. We execute orders precisely so that your book arrives at its destination on time and without error.

Distribution and Logistics

Our extensive network ensures effective logistics and book distribution globally. We ensure that your book reaches readers on every continent by working with significant retailers, distributors and fulfillment facilities across the globe.

Sales and Marketing Support

We assist you in selling your book as well as promoting it! In order to assist you reach your target audience and increase the visibility of your book, we provide a suite of sales and marketing support tools.

Let’s Make Your Voice Reach The Right Audience!

Have you put your heart and soul to writing a story, a pioneering nonfiction work, or an exciting children's adventure? It's time to let the world hear from you, yet getting around the complex arena of book distribution can be like trying to climb a mountain without a map. No more worries! At Turner Book Writers, we're committed to matching your unique voice with the ideal readership so that they are thrilled with your work. We recognize the right of every writer to have their voice heard. Because of this, we provide an extensive range of book distribution globally services that are intended to dismantle hurdles and launch your writing into a worldwide platform. Register now, and together, let's go on a digital book distribution adventure!


Along with ebooks and audiobooks, I'd like to distribute print copies. How much does it cost to do that with Turner book writers, and can I do it?

Of course! Complete distribution services, including print book distribution are provided by Turner Book Writers for all formats. We have an open and flexible pricing system that caters to your demands. For a customized quote depending on the specifics of your book, get in touch with us right now.

I've got around fifty titles. How can we collaborate?

All levels of experience are welcome to work together with Turner Book Writers! A vast number of titles can be uploaded and managed with ease thanks to our simplified platform. In order to ensure a seamless and effective distribution process for your complete library of work, we also provide professional managers.

What promotion opportunities are incorporated in the higher-level plans?

A range of promotional options are available from Turner Book Writers to assist you in reaching your target market. Access to more extensive marketing resources, such as social media campaigns, email marketing tools and options for targeted advertising, is available with our higher-level plans.To find out more about specific benefits of each plan, get in touch with us.

I'm working with different distributors. Can I bring you the same books?

We recognize that you can already be using some distribution channels. You can collaborate with Turner Book Writers to integrate your current titles into our platform. Get in touch with us to talk about your unique requirements and how we can work best with your existing distribution plan.

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